• Beach Money. By Jordan Adler
  • Awaken the Giant within. By Anthony Robbins
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World. By Og Mandino
  • How To Win Friends And Influence People. By Dale Carnegie
  • The Four Year Career. By Richard Bliss Brook


  • Bringing Out The Best In People. By Alan Loy McGinnis
  • Top Performer. By Stephen C.Lundin, Ph.D. and Carr Hagerman, PSP
  • Go for No. By Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
  • The Richest Man in Babylon. By George S. Clason
  • Making the first circle work. By Randy Gage
  • The Slight Edge. By Jeff Olson
  • The Greatest Networker In The World. By John Milton Fogg
  • Financial Fitness. By Orrin Woodward
  • 7 Habits of Highly Efective People. By Stephen R.Covey
  • 12 Pillars. By Chris Widener
  • Above All Else. By Chris Widener
  • The Dip. By Seth Godin
  • Tribes. By Seth Godin
  • Start with Why. By Simon Sinek
  • From Here To Having it All. By Ken Dunn
  • The Leaders Handbook. By Manu Rekola
  • Best. Worst. First. By Margie Aliprandi, Martha I.Finney
  • Voyager of a Viking. By Tim Marks
  • Pure Wisdom. By Dean Cunningham
  • Out Of The Fire. By Paul Clayton
  • The Psychology Of Selling. By Bryan Tracy
  • Go Pro – 7 Steps To Becoming A Network Marketing Professional. By Eric Worre
  • The Greatest Miracle in the World. By Og Mandino
  • Pushing To The Front. By Orison Swell Marden
  • Mentoring Matters. By Orrin Woodward
  • The Leader Train. By Orrin Woodward

Audio knygos

  • The Art of Exceptional Living. By Jim Rohn
  • The Ultimate Introduction to NLP: How to build a successful life. By Richard
    Bandler, Alessio Roberti, Owen Fitzpatrick
  • Internet Marketing for Network Marketers: How to Create Automated Systems to
    Get Recruits and Customers Online. By Argena Olivis
  • The 4-Hour Work Week (Unabridge). By Timothy Ferriss
  • Risky is the New Safe (Unabridged). By Randy Gage


  • Turbo Success: Multi Level Magic, Book 7 (Unabridged). By Ron G. Holland
  • Million Dollar Year Audible – Unabridged. By Richard Fenton, Andrea Waltz
  • Scrum (Unabridged). By Jeff Sutherland, JJ Sutherland
  • Leading with Questions: How Leaders Find the Right Solutions by Knowing What
    to Ask. By Michael Marquardt
  • 51 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors: Discover Hot Prospects For
    Your Network Marketing Business. By Keith Schreiter
  • Lead Generation – Make Millions Together: Guide To Generate Endless Leads
    For Your Home Based Business. By Deann Bolton
  • Unlimited Power. By Anthony Robbins
  • Social Media: Dominating Strategies for Social Media Marketing with Twitter,
    Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. By Michael Richards
  • Creating a Million-Dollar-a-Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client
    Referrals. By Paul M. McCord
  • NLP Leadership Skills With Terry Elston: International Best-Selling NLP
    Business Audio. By Terry H Elston
  • NLP Sales Skills With Terry Elston: International Best-selling NLP Business
    Audio. By Terry H Elston
  • NLP Motivation Skills With Terry Elston: International Best-selling NLP
    Business Audio. By Terry H Elston
  • NLP Communication Skills With Terry Elston: International Best-selling NLP
    Business Audio. By Terry H Elston
  • NLP Interview Skills With Terry Elston: International Best-selling NLP
    Business Audio. By Terry H Elston
  • 26 Instant Marketing Ideas to Build Your Network Marketing Business:
    Powerful Marketing Tips & Campaigns to Build Your Business F-A-S-T! By Tom
    „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • Big Al’s MLM Sponsoring Magic How To Build A Network Marketing Team Quickly.
    By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • I Know What To Do, So Why Don’t I Do It? (8 Compact Discs/Bonus
    CD/Workbook/DVD). By by Nick Hall
  • Skill With People. By Les Giblin
  • Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds. By
    Carmine Gallo
  • The 22 Immutable Laws of MLM: Shattering the Myths (Multi Level Magic). By
    Ron G Holland
  • Getting Started in MLM: Your Best Approach Ever for MLM Success. By Ron G
  • The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme to Help You Achieve
    Success, Confidence and Happiness. By Prof Steve Peters
  • Building the Big Machine: An MLM Empire of your Own (Multi Level Magic Book
    3). By Ron G Holland
  • Business NLP For Dummies. By Lynne Cooper
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming For Dummies. By Romilla Ready, Kate Burton
  • The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network
    Marketing. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • The Power of Ambition. By Jim Rohn
  • LeaderShift: A Call for Americans to Finally Stand Up and Lead. By Orrin
    Woodward, Oliver DeMille
  • Start SuperNetworking!: 5 Simple Steps to Creating Your Own Personal
    Networking Group. By Keith Schreiter, Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • How To Get Instant Trust, Belief, Influence and Rapport! 13 Ways To Create
    Open Minds By Talking To The Subconscious Mind. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With
    Stories. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • How to Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume One: Step-by-Step Creation of
    MLM Professionals. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • How To Build Network Marketing Leaders Volume Two: Activities and Lessons
    for MLM Leaders. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • The Magic of Thinking Big. By David J. Schwartz
  • The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.
    By Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
  • How to Follow Up With Your Network Marketing Prospects: Turn Not Now Into
    Right Now! By Keith Schreiter, Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There. By Richard
    Fenton, Andrea Waltz
  • First Sentences For Network Marketing: How to Quickly Get Prospects on Your
    Side. By Tom „Big Al“ Schreiter
  • Millionaire Within: 7 Keys to Crack the World’s Most Wanted Code. By Ron G

Filmai / Dokumentika

  • Boiler Room, 2000
  • The Social Network, 2010
  • Top Secret: Wai roon pun lan (or “The Billionaire”). 2011
  • Wall Street, 1987
  • 12 Angry Men, 1957


  • Death of a Salesman, 1985
  • Tommy Boy, 1995
  • Glengarry Glen Ross, 1992
  • Pirates of the Silicon Valley, 1999
  • Lord of War, 2005
  • 99 Francs, 2007
  • The Pursuit of Happyness, 2006
  • Baby Boom, 1987
  • Thank You for Smoking, 2005
  • Jerry Maguire, 1996
  • Seize the Day, 1986
  • Used Cars, 1980
  • The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. 2009
  • Suckers. 2001
  • The Wolf of Wall Street. 2013
  • Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year. 2009
  • Moneyball. 2011
  • A Thousand Words. 2012


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